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"Keeping Michigan safe since 1974"

Grand Rapids

Federal Armored Truck

1361 Grove Place

Grand Rapids, MI  49505

Phone: (616) 454-9195

Fax: (616) 454-9076


Federal Armored Truck

1515 S. Saginaw

Flint, MI  48502

Phone: (810) 234-3433

Fax: (810) 234-3446

Traverse City

Federal Armored Truck

663 Eta Lane

Traverse City, MI  49684

Phone: (231) 943-5006

Fax: (231) 943-5007

Here is a little information regarding a GREAT Michigan based business...

Supermarkets, Department Stores, Retail Outlets, Hospitals, Schools, Racetracks, Restaurants, Beverage Distributors, Service Stations, Banks, Credit Unions, Municipalities, Concert Venues, Festivals, Governmental, Casinos, Sporting Events, Recycling Yards, Federal Reserve, Courts, Drug Stores, Private, Airport access, Schools, Etc...

313 964-7715

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A Little History...

In 1974, a man had a vision.  Whilst talking to some banker friends over dinner, he quickly realized that there was a need for Armored Trucks to transport bank cash and coin to and from the Federal Reserve.  Yea, there were some huge, global companies to consider, but no one with a personal touch based in Detroit with the flexibility to bend and jump when clients needed them too.  No one existed in Detroit that would simply answer the phone and go, now, and safely deliver deposits in a timely fashion while meeting all the insurance requirements and security tolerances demanded by the Fed.  

Say hello to Total Armored Car Service, Inc.

Incorporated in December of 1974 in Detroit Michigan, Total started servicing various commercial clients and the business began to grow.  More and more trucks were purchased and employees were hired.  Times were good. Times were built by "demanding excellence and expecting greatness".

In 1996, Total Armored Car Service, Inc bought Federal Armored Truck, Inc. which was located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Federal Armored Truck was expanded to broaden the overall footprint for Armored Service and Cash Management.  It purchased one location in Flint and one in Traverse City, Michigan.  As the economy grew, so did both companies.  Federal had to buy a larger location in Flint due to demand.  For a short time, Federal Armored Truck was traveling all the way to the upper peninsula, but now concentrates mostly on the lower peninsula of Michigan with its 60 Armored Trucks and Fleet Vehicles operating 7 days per week in some areas. Both companies maintain excellent working relationships with their sub-contracting partners for the too far, hard to reach accounts they maintain.

Total and Federal Armored also service ATM's whether it be a simple daily Deposit Pull or a Full Replenishment.  1st and 2nd Line Maintenance can be provided in conjunction with the ATM's normal service.  Vault Services, Cash Processing and Coin Processing for many clients are also performed on a daily routine. Now, Smart Safes (Intelligent Safes that hold cash for days at a time and provide immediate reporting to the bank and account holder) are popular and can be serviced by both Total and Federal.  Even though the companies are under different management and miles apart, they both expect and maintain high service levels and understand that without great service, there is nothing. 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your business and make you stronger.  References are available upon request.  Please call a sales rep today to better understand the benefits of using Armored Service.  We got your 6!