Welcome to Covert Productions

Time to go B I G

Covert Productions has been in business for many years providing amazing sounding and looking stage productions. 

We have produced many events that you may have attended in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin. 


Michigan Peace Fest, Buttermilk Jamboree, Dunegrass, Hash Bash / Monroe Street Fair, GLCC, Melon Kamp, Wuhnurth, Spring Fest, Whippersnap, Camp Terrapin, Quarry Breakdown, Heat Stock, Blue Coon, Cabin Pheeva, End of Summer Love In and many smaller events and parties.

We started out as a band of perfectionists and recognize the importance and significance of great sound with crystal clear harmony and light shows that take your breath away.  Through time and experience, we have grown and take massive pride in our production capability and we are always learning and adapting with new techniques and methods to improve the overall theater experience.  We can provide multiple stages for your event or just put on the best wedding / party you have ever seen.  No job is too big or small and we even offer a "first time buyer" discount.  

Music Festivals are our specialty and we arrive early and are the last to leave.  This is our event too, and we take it very seriously.  We have many references available upon request and strive to serve you to the best of our ability. This is OUR PASSION.

Covert Productions uses top of the line JBL Speakers and QSC amplifiers with all the effect processors, compressors, eq's, limiters, crossovers and line conditioners to get the job done professionally.  Our flagship soundboards are (heavy) Crest Audio's and we also have the capability to provide digital sound boards if your entertainer's request them.  We use a Berhinger X32 as a backup for our large events.  We feel analog sounds the best but do agree that digital is very convenient and with recent technology, finally meets our standards.  We also record everything from 2 track stereo to multi-track.  We can provide intelligent lighting, up and down stage lighting and even in path-ways and tree's for safety.  We work with VJ-11 on large events that require or benefit from Video Projection and Mapping.  Love ya Rob Schuster!   We need 8 20 Amp Circuits to do our thing, or will use a Distro and just tie into a Generator / Electric Panel.

As we have learned from smaller events and now carry with us every where we perform or produce,  we clean our work environment when finished and appreciate plastic recycling on site during the event!  We go the extra mile all the time and know you will be overly impressed with our services.  All of us Mittenheads in the Covert family wish you great success with your event!  

                     THANK YOU!