Live Recording

                     Sell / Promo your hot gig / event


             Lets make an album, shall we? 

"The complete package"

Golden Ear Mastering

BarrSound Recording

Mixing and Mastering

I am a freak about it.  Ask how I approach these two totally separate but super important skills in audio engineering. 

Video Recording and Editing

I do this too.  See some examples below that merge my audio recording with my video capture and post production editing.  (I am just getting into video and am an amateur.)


I Love Recording

It is something I really enjoy and try my best.

If you need an event recorded in Michigan or beyond, I am your engineer.  I can do simple yet awesome 2 track recordings all the way up to Pro 48 track simultaneous recording. Studio or Live - whatever.  Church and Commercial Jingles are easily produced too.  I have references for you if interested.  Call Sam Bernstein HAHA.