A b o u t   M e

Welcome to the Dallas Barr website!  I appreciate you visiting and want you to enjoy your stay reading, listening and playing around. 

I am a man of God, family man, musician and a business man all rolled up into one happy soul.  This site was created to both promote my music and talk about my story.   

I was born in in Detroit, Michigan and raised in Brighton, Michigan from 3 years old on up. I played soccer from 5 years old to high school and was awarded a scholarship at Spring Arbor college but declined and studied Business Law at some community colleges (Schoolcraft and Washtenaw) whilst working for my families business in Detroit. 

I first learned how to play the guitar at 10 years old with a little encouragement from a neighbor friend, Joshua Cassily, and his Dad, Jim.  I studied with Ramo in Ann Arbor.  He is a class act who now works at the best guitar tech shop on Earth, Kuntz Guitars in Ferndale, Michigan.  Throughout middle and high school I got more into sports and girls and sold that awesome Gibson SG for a Yamaha YZ80.  (DANG). 

After Graduating high school, I started playing acoustic again as good friend Steve Glodeck got me into playing at camp fires and stuff.  I could only remember the cowboy chords and how to tune up at first but it came back.  I was not good at all when I was young.  Anyway, I was really hooked after High School and spent every waking hour shredding and recording in my bedroom, friends houses and wherever else I could. I used to drive in a 99 Dodge Ram back and forth from Lansing to Brighton, put it in cruise, hook up a battery powered guitar amp and put it on the passenger floor, sit in the middle of the bench seat and play guitar while steering with my left knee! On the weekends, I would play for 12 hours a day.  I saw the SRV El Mocambo video and went out and bought a Sunburst Fender Stratocastor the next day.  Still got it.  However, the blues got old.  Guitar evolved...

I saw Ekoostik Hookah with friends at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor and Steve Sweeny blew my mind.  I got my Sunburst Gibson Les Paul shortly after from good friend Steve Glodeck.  (Wow, lots of Steve's influencing my guitar playing.) and I go back and forth with the two guitars.  I named the Strat "Cappy" and the Paul "Mable" after Grandma. 

So, yea - many bands later and 20 years playing with peeople, here I am, still playing.  Covert is my main band and the Dallas Barr Band is great filler.  GOTTA PLAY A LOT! 

I have 3 children and a lovely wife.  I am so blessed!  My family is amazing!  It is challenging teaching and being a great dad, but it's all good.  Aint no Sacrifice. 

My father, Jim and mother, Wanda were great to me and I love them.  I have one younger brother, Joe, and we share many things in common.  He likes pizza a lot. 

I will elaborate on all the band's I play and have played in soon.  As with anything, as you do it, it shapes you.  For now I can simply mention what ones they were...

Josh Cassily and the Classified Ads (just rehearsed at 10 years old)

Utopian Salesmen

Soul Sample


Weathered Tone

Covert Operations


Dallas Barr Band



and more projects I cant remember now ...  :)


Some things I do other than play music:

Production (light and sound) for events big or small, mixing, recording, mastering, songwriting, security monitoring / installation and Recording,  Home Theater Installation, church events, Sound Engineer, minor computer maintenance, draw, teach,  Soccer, Hockey, Guitar Tech, minor Amp Tech, Event Planner, Salesman, Video Games HAHA, Photography a bit...

and travel this blissful journey with my amazing wife, and play and teach my 3 beautiful children as much as possible.  My family is next to God, and I am the most blessed! 

My family and I reside in Michigan and embrace it.  I strive to help the Michigan Music Scene grow and grow and feel attached to it. It wasn't like it is now here in the Mitten'.   I work for the family business and want to succeed more than ever.  Currently, I play in Covert which is a jam band of sorts that started in '02 o 3ish and my newest project, IIIPeace, which is fun and full of love.

More goodies will be added this site as time permits.  Go to a music festival and be inspired.  I love you!